August 18, 2015

Our first Bowyer Island family boondoggle....

Hello friends! How is your Summer going? Can you believe how quickly it is flying by? We just spent a lovely weekend away with our relatives. Do you do family getaways with your extended family? I can't tell you how much I love them - it's the best way to pack in ample, uninterrupted quality time. It also helps that this group is hilarious. I swear, I spent so much time doubled over laughing that my cheeks were sore by the end of the weekend (the ones on my face) - and it doesn't get better than that for me. Being outside all weekend, in this stunning setting, I swear, adds years to our lives. Every time I'm spending time in BC's beautiful coastal islands, I always tell whoever is in earshot, that this is how we're meant to live. Here's a little peek into our weekend over on Bowyer Island:

 The island is only accessible by boat.
This is the island's communal Kawasaki Mule used to cart everyone's gear from the dock to the cabins.
This would be the island's main roadway and since the only vehicle is that Kawasaki, traffic jams are pretty minimal.
 Getting back to nature. Ye old poop deck.(The cabin itself had a composting toilet in the bathroom, but it's for "#1" jobs only).

This time together means Everything to me. 
 Al Fresco dining at its best. 

 A beautiful visitor.
 Cocktails + Cards Against Humanity = Hilarity. It's simple math.
(For those wondering, the cabin lights are run off solar power or by propane).
The Kildare Estates beach.
ello ello.
 The diving platform.
 An awesome way to spend the day.

 The gang.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful. Wonderful place... Wonderful family... Wonderful visotor.... And sunshine to boot. Can't ask for anything more. Your Evnvious Seattle Neighbor