June 9, 2015

the simple life...

Hello Friends!! It's been awhile since I've visited this space. Life was really busy there for a bit with mom's celebration of life event, work and setting up our new home. I have to give a giant shout out to all the incredible friends who showered us with their support at the event and made it truly a beautiful celebration of my mom's life. I don't think it could have gone better. It was a joyous event, more than somber, and really tapped in to so many of mom's wonderful quirks and funny stories. And the quality of people that filled the room, just made me so proud - my mom really did collect the greatest circle of people in her life and in turn, I think my brother and I have done the same, surrounded by tables of our life-long friends, and wonderful new ones. There are many gifts we've gained from this experience: Being told our time with her would be limited, and making sure we made that year count, spending as much time as possible together and feeling every last drop of love we could......Seeing the very best people are capable of, the support was so strong that we knew someone was going to be there to catch us if we needed it... that someone was going to remind us that we had to eat, that we had to breathe...and they kept showing up. And one of the biggest gifts it has given us is knowing that life is all so incredibly fragile, that those who we love the most can be taken away in an instant, so appreciate them all now. Now, more than ever, I see so much beauty in my days. I think in part, because I'm looking for signs of my mom. When I sit and listen to the birds, I feel connected to her, when I work in my garden, I think of her hands doing the same thing, when I bake something in the kitchen with my daughter, I think of how I used to love doing that with her. I'm all about the simple life now. And I know each person's version of the simple life is different  - because what makes us most connected to our souls are unique to us.

Some of the simpler things that make me incredibly happy are: hiking with my camera in hand, the day's first cup of coffee, having a great conversation over a cocktail, fresh linen on the bed, a book that you can't wait to get back to, walking barefoot on the beach, funny comedians, sleeping under the stars, sitting around a campfire, yoga, dance classes, icewater with lemon wedges, family gatherings, laughing until you almost pee your pants (or maybe do a little bit), my husband's crepes (they are really crepes, it's not some kind of sexual innuendo), swimming, farmer's markets, animals, instagram, a hot shower, travel planning, making things myself, dancing with my daughter, a new lipstick, netflix, singing in the car, running as fast as I can, hearing the words I love you, making someone laugh, breathtaking vistas, random acts of kindness, dinner parties, setting up our home, outdoor concerts, canoeing, a new magazine, date nights, seeing new places, friday night beers, indian food, stationary, a great movie, cheese plates, riding bikes, homemade happy hours with friends on getaways, my nightly tea/catchup with my hubby, flip flops, 70's style, whiskey sours, dance classes, holding my daughter's hand, my people....
So this is just the list I thought about in the last 10 minutes, I know there's a lot of things I could have added....but try your own list of the little things in life that bring YOU joy...and you'll soon realize how little it costs for those things, and how important it is to infuse more of those things in your day. I think it'll also make you happy just thinking up your list, reminding yourself what brings you the most joy.
Here's a few photos from my simple life:

    This feeling:

Ice water with lemon wedges and fresh mint & a new magazine with one of my favourite funny women:

    Shopping at farmer's markets:

Watching her learn new things:
This pup:

thanks for stopping in....


Sharon & ken evans said...

Kelly..I was so glad to be a part of your Mom's Celebration....a wonderful event!!! You were so much of a wonderful daughter to our wonderful friend...your mother Carole! Keep in touch.....AND LOOK.IT ....I will always be reading your blog to see what is happening in your life!!!
Love A. Sharon xoxo

kelly said...

Thanks so much Aunty Sharon. Your circle of friends is phenomenal. I love you so much and can't thank you enough for all that you did for my giant love - my momma. xoxo

Erin said...

I am just so curious to understand crepes as sexual innuendo. I am also very happy to hear that you were able to make the best of your year with your mom and that it has made you appreciate life and the people you live that much more. Life is short and we are so lucky. My mom is struggling with her health too, and you are an inspiration to me in the way that you seem to have made sure that your love for your mom was loud and clear.