June 16, 2015

getting myself back....

Hello friends! I hope you had a tremendous weekend! Are you trying to get the most out of these gorgeous nights? This past month - with mom's passing and our move, has been busy with important matters to take care of, but somewhere along the way, I forgot to set aside time for the little things that make me the happiest. You know what I mean don't you? Where you are so busy, that you've forgotten to pencil yourself into your own busy agenda. This weekend felt like a conscious return to start focussing on the things that I've let slide. I'm making time for fitness again (yes, my body is in shock - what is this dewy substance forming on my brows???), spending more time playing in the great outdoors, dusting off my camera again and enjoying time with my daughter just playing, instead of trying to get through a giant list of errands. Like today, we painted big canvasses in the sunny yard, then threw on our swimsuits and ran through the sprinkler - sure the house needs cleaning, but I know more than anything, kids want our time.  This weekend my hubby and I went on another awesome date night, our first in months - and it reminded me how important it is for us to have fun, just the two of us - too many nights, we're tucking her in and then turning to Netflix ( not dissing the Flix, Still love it!) , but it isn't until we're sitting across a restaurant table, do I realize how much I have missed "us", just having big laughs and chatting the night away. We also entertained friends for brunch one day and dinner the next. It all felt like a great, rejuvenating mix. So when your spirit feels a little depleted, jot down the things that make you happiest (sex, chocolate, wine - just brainstorming to help you start your list) - and make them a priority. Chat soon xoxo

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