January 5, 2014

some iphone love for you

Here's a few little fun facts for you iphone users : 
  • Did you know that if you plug your ear buds into your iphone and click on the + icon on the volume control (as shown above) - you can take photos without having to touch the button on your phone? No more awkward arm stretches. Isn't that awesome? I tested the theory in the photo above - a dorky shot - but it really does work! 
  • Did you know if you go into "Settings" and put your phone in airplane mode that it charges twice as quickly?
  • Did you know that when you are typing a message to someone, if you hit the space bar twice, it will put in a period, saving you from having to switch screens while typing?
  • If you go to Settings/Notifications/Messages/Show Preview  - you can turn off your iphone messages, so while you are in a meeting, your co-horts aren't reading your personal love notes undoubtedly filling up your screen. 
  • You can say to SIRI - "Set my alarm to come on in one hour" if you're a napper. (I know one of my friends will appreciate this little tidbit).
  • My favourite use of SIRI is to quickly dictate a message to someone: "Message Craig's mobile that I will be home in 15 minutes."
**Please keep in mind that I am a newbie and this might all be common iphone knowledge to the general public, like when my parents tell me that you can look up restaurant menus on the internet.

I hope you had a lovely weekend. We had a wonderful day bookended with visits to both our families - so today I am definitely grateful for our parents, the fact they are still with us, healthy and so wonderful to us and to our baby girl. I also am tremendously grateful for my friends. While walking the dog today, four friends texted or emailed and it's nice to know that you're thought of in the span of someone's day.

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