January 7, 2014

science! for reals.....

    Today's attempts at science were a huge hit: Try pouring baking soda into a bowl, adding drops of food colouring and letting your little one pour vinegar onto it  - it froths up as carbon dioxide is generated from the mixture. If you want a more science based explanation, click here. All I know is with all of the colour combinations we tried, it kept her entertained for a good 45 minutes, and with toddlers, that is HUGE. Don't judge me that my scientific equipment may have been Ikea bowls and shot glasses.

We also had friends over for dinner and watching these two little cuties race around and make one another laugh by fake falling -who doesn't love a good pratfall? Let me tell you, it was pretty adorable to witness. Everyday is amazing if you look in the right places. xoxo


Mary J. Forbes said...

Kelly, they are truly adorable!!

kelly said...

Thank you so much Mary! I think so too :)
I wish Elle lived closer - she's such a sweetie pie!