January 4, 2014

hello sunshine

Good afternoon friends! I hope you had time to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather with your loved ones.
I read a fascinating article this morning on how being busy isn't all it's cracked up to be. Do you ever notice that there are certain people in your life, when you ask how they are, they always respond with, "Busy!" That somehow being busy makes them sound more valuable and important. In reality, constantly being busy is a form of escapism, a means of avoidance - and can point to some bigger problems in areas of your life. Are you able to be still and enjoy your own company? Are you giving your time to your family and friends? Idleness is necessary to regroup, to think deeply, to make observations and connections in your thoughts. They say it's as important for your mental capacity as vitamins/exercise and a healthy diet.  Ever since having my daughter, my life has slowed down in most areas- meals in, nights in - lots of playgrounds in between. But the simplicity of spending my afternoons at the park, going for walks, reading books on the floor, planning visits with friends/family, has allowed me to appreciate that all of the driving around I used to do, with a jam packed calendar, was more of a means to make me feel like I was getting things done - striking things off a "look how important I am" scroll. This blip of time where I am needed in her day, where she wants to be with me is something I want to look back on and say, I was present - I was available. If you're exceptionally busy, and some people do enjoy the buzz of being busy - look closely at what is making you so busy. Are you busy because you simply can't say no to all the social invites? Are you busy because you can't manage your time too effectively? Are you busy because you don't particularly want to hang out at home? Remember to add some breath in your days - come up for air and allow yourself a chance to regoup.

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