April 19, 2015

a day at the beach

Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend!! Ours was honestly wonderful from start to finish. We met up with friends on Friday night and I had one of those moments, where I was lying on top of a trampoline, holding hands with my friends and our children, two generations of friends, side by side, looking up at the sky. Don't you love those life moments, where you feel so completely full, where you catch yourself thinking This is what it is all about.
Yesterday my hubby and I had a little afternoon date, where we got to dash out to do some furniture shopping for our new home and pop out for a cocktail to mull over our decisions. I had one whiskey sour, but I swear, if I had one more of those, I would have bought everything I laid my eyes on. It's been such a fun process dreaming of how we're going to set up our home. Honestly, it's given me so much to be excited about, and hopeful for, in an otherwise extremely painful time of life.
Today we spent the afternoon at the beach, building castles, burying our feet in the sand, looking for beautiful shells - if I'm in the great outdoors with these two, I'm definitely in my happy place. The last photo cracks me up. Hops sure loved his chocolate hazelnut gelato.

This weekend I had a huge epiphany. Whenever I see my mom, I always drive away in tears. I save it until I'm in the car. I can't help it. She's literally fading away before my eyes. She's sub 100 pounds now. And for a woman who is 5'6, it's extremely difficult to see. Her life has been reduced to her bed or the sofa, either way, she's horizontal. But her advice to me tonight was to savour every moment I share with my family and friends, because in the end, that's what it's all about. And this weekend, I had so many pinch-me great moments, so many laughs, so many times where I caught myself feeling so blissfully happy, that I thought, I'm in the depths of the hardest days I've known, and yet, I'm still capable of these amazing moments. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get through this. xoxox

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