August 6, 2014

silver linings

Wednesday, Aug. 6
Today I dashed home from work, gulped down dinner and whisked my little gal to the beach to catch the Snowbirds put on a spectacular show. By Snowbirds, I'm not referring to the senior citizens lining the beach. I'm talking about these guys. There were several moments where I was holding my breath, in awe of their precision, jaw dropping skills and artistry. A few times I got choked up, completely caught up in the beauty of it all.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Running into friends on the beach and enjoying the Snowbirds show together.
  • Being given a free lunch at work today - an extremely delicious veggie burger. Fixins too, you ask? Oh there were plenty o' fixins.
  • Colouring with my little girl and having her lean over and whisper, "I love you mommy." 

Tuesday, August 5th:
Today's gratitude toppers were:

  • Forcing myself to get off my butt and go running with our group, and feeling like one million dollars after it all. I stress the word after it all because during the run, there were definitely moments that if I had a wallet on me, I would have hailed a cab.
  • Dressing up in party dresses and dancing around the living room with my favourite redhead.
  • Comedic minds like these. I have nothing but respect and time for people with quick wit.

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