November 17, 2013

random images from the weekend....

Hello friends, how are you? Sorry for the absence from this space lately, we're busy back and forth between our home (renovating our only bathroom) and housesitting for my parents, so I don't have access to my usual set up these days. Did you have a fun weekend? We took Craig's parents away for their 50th anniversary! (I did the math and I'll be 76 on our 50th! I have a feeling my party dress will be paired with some kind of support hose....)  We rented cabins up at Harrison Hot Springs, swam in the amazing hot spring pools, had a delicious feast, stayed up late playing games and drinking champagne - it was the perfect getaway. I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I'll be sure to  update this space more throughout this week. Our neighbours were outside tonight putting up their Christmas lights, I'm beginning to feel the buzz of excitement in the air, are you?

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