July 6, 2013

iphone love

Hello friends! How are you? What do you have lined up for your weekend?
I have always been behind the times technically speaking - we just got our first flat screen tv this year, just to give you a sense of how slowly I have leapt into this millennium. 
I finally took the plunge last week and bought an iphone. Do you have one? Seriously, the jump from a blackberry to an iphone is like going from dating Donald Trump's son to Ryan Gosling. It's much sexier and a whole lot of fun. 
For starters, I love the fact that I don't have to lug my bulky camera everywhere now. I have just started playing around with the phone's built in camera, but I'm definitely impressed by the quality of what it has produced so far. 
Have you got an iphone (you're probably thinking, well yes, I've had one for years now). If so, can you let me know some of your favourite apps?
So far, I've loaded up Camera+ for snapping photos, Nike+ running for tracking my jogs, My Fitness Pal for (attempting) weight loss, checkList (because I'm obsessed with making lists), Period Tracker (because I need to warn everyone in my vicinity or better yet hide when PMS is about to strike), iTorch (flashlight), a few games (City Quiz - so much fun guessing the famous cities from their photos), Whirly Word - because I'm obsessed with words, Four Pics one word - photography and words? I'm hooked.  For music apps, so far I've added Shazam (hold it up to the radio/tv, etc and it'll tell you whatever song is playing - such a clever concept), Songza (streaming fun playlists). So, that's what I've navigated this week, if you have any apps that you think are full of awesomeness, please leave a comment below - I'd appreciate the tips! xo 

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