May 24, 2016

California Dreaming

 Mission Beach


 San Diego Zoo

 We walked in the main gates, I took this photo and got really choked up  - It was definitely a lifelist moment for me to take her to Disneyland
 The incredible Pixar parade

 Disney's California Adventure Park
 Doc McStuffins gave Hops a clean bill of health

 Merida - the character Stella often gets most compared to
 Coronado Beach
 Mission Beach
 La Jolla

 Balboa Park
Old Town

Hello Friends! We did a fun little getaway to California last week. We spent the first few days exploring San Diego, then we surprised her with a little Anaheim getaway in the middle of the trip and ended the week back in San Diego . When we drove up to Anaheim, she fell fast asleep in the car, we had done a tonne of walking that day at the San Diego Zoo. So, lucky for us, she didn't see all of the giant Mickey Mouse signs near our hotel. It was honestly one of the greatest moments to tell her that when we woke up in the morning, we were going down the street to Disneyland. I don't know if I've ever seen her so excited. It was definitely a life list moment for me to take her to Disneyland - I have always loved it there so much, that I couldn't wait to share in the magic with her. But when we were at Disneyland, there was a girl walking with her friend and said, "Can we grab a giant pretzel, it's on my life list." So, a lot of dreams were coming true that day. There were so many highlights from the vacation: from watching her face light up on the rides at Disneyland, running along the shoreline of Mission Beach, having our hotel in San Diego give us a sweet gift basket of goodies for returning to their hotel, watching my daughter lose her shoe into a protected cove of seals in La Jolla, having a kind lady give my daughter two free balloons after she witnessed Stella losing her balloon into the sky, watching the gorillas interact at the San Diego Zoo, having fish tacos and ice cold beer while looking out at the ocean, building sand castles in Coronado, having time for us, that didn't have any distractions or demands. It sure was a blast to wake up each morning and plan the day's adventure.  xo

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Drew Watts said...

All of these are amazing places! Have been truly impressed with these photos. We will be attending a family event soon at one of iconic lofty spaces in Florida. Really hoping to spend great time with everyone.