July 5, 2015

Images from the weekend....

 Papa came over for brunch in his new toy. He always tells me he sells carpet, but I'm beginning to think he might just be James Bond. 

 We went to Confederation Park, for the first time ever, and just loved it. We brought a picnic, went on the amazing miniature steam railway, played in the water park, climbed around on the great playground and took another spin on the train (because I was kind of geeking out about how much fun it was). If you're looking for a wonderful place to spend a Summer day with your little ones, I'd definitely add this park to your list.

We also caught this sweet gem of a movie this weekend (Inside Out) with our friends. Everyone really enjoyed it. Have you seen it? I loved the concept: our emotions are brought to life in individual characters (Like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, etc) and the core memories we create foster the growth of our personality islands ( like Family, Friendship, Goofiness).  Even though Joy takes center stage, I think the movie beautifully illustrates the importance that sadness plays in our lives, and how joy and sadness work together to give our lives depth and complexity. Check it out. xoxoxo

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