April 22, 2010

on my toes

Welcome to my open house. I wanted to create a new space to hang up my photographs and talk to friends. Please feel free to drop in anytime. I'll put the kettle on for us and you can be guaranteed there will always be chocolate.
I can't wait to fill up this space with delicious happenings. I chose to name my new home "on my toes" for several reasons: this is how I stand to kiss my 6'5" love, this is how I dance, this is how I like to feel the earth. With life continuously changing, I am always kept on my toes.


steveo said...

hey kel, where's the photos?

curious cat said...

girl - i love it and i love you for being so creative, loving and inspirational. i am so fortunate to have crossed paths with you in life and can't wait until we see what happens next...

love you to bits!